I can.

we can’t be friends anymore.

I wish we could.
But we can’t.
I wish i could keep doing going
But i can’t.
I wish you could understand, but you can’t.
I wish he would just fuck off, i wish he would go die.
But he can’t.
I wish you cared like you say you do. I wish you cared like you used to. I wish you still at least pretended to.
But you can’t.
I wish you weren’t full of shit.
But you are.
I wish I could be a better friend to you.
But i can’t.
You know of all our friends, of all of our backstabbing fake friends i thought that of all of them, you would be different.
i thought you would care I thought that of all of them you would be different.
but you’re not.
you’re the worst of all of them. 
I wish I wasn’t like this, but I am.
I wish I could end this.
and I can.